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Mike and Deanna interview

Interview with Mike and Deanna in the morning on Fox 17

Jeremy had so much fun doing this interview with Mike and Deanna. 

Thank you for the laughs!!!

MLive Articles

Al Jones did a write up about the pilot episode that aired February 10 at 8pm on the DIY Network

Fox 17

Check out a story Owner/Builder Jeremy Cole did with Fox 17's Lauren Edwards.

Interview With Mark Wedel

Mark Wedel (Secondwave Media) Interview

Secondwave Media came out and interviewed Jeremy in 2017 about some of the properties we save from demolition in Kalamazoo County. 

Article by Mike McKelly

Are you a fan of Do It Yourself and Rehab shows..? Mike is, take a look at his article! 

Join us on a Property Krawl

Jeremy (Owner/Builder) & Ramon (Realtor/Investor) host a FREE monthly event where they take would be investors through "Nasty Houses' to show them what's possible. You can follow/join their adventures here.